Vision and Ethos

Vision and Ethos

With our vision of ‘Work Hard, Be Kind, Seek Adventure,’ staff and Governors of Badby School are committed to ensuring that all children reach their full potential and are ready for the next stage of their educational journey. We strive to ensure that through the very best learning experiences, children will become life-long confident learners, who are ready to make a positive contribution to modern society.

To secure this vision for every pupil, we aim to offer a curriculum that is exciting, engaging, and highly relevant, empowering our pupils to become independent, well-rounded individuals. With this in mind, we have implemented a coherent, sequential curriculum model that enables pupils’ learning to connect and progress, year on year.

We want to offer high quality teaching and learning for all our pupils that highlights the importance of human creativity and achievement and leads to the development of educated citizens within our own community and on a wider national and global scale. Raising aspirations and enabling our pupils to grow into the best version of themselves is at the heart of this. We have a strong commitment to the school motto of ‘Work hard. Be kind. Seek Adventure.’ It creates the platform for our pupils to safely explore new ideas to develop their learning throughout their educational journey at Badby. Sport, outdoor and active learning play a key role here where we aim to keep children active as we believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. 

At Badby, we believe that reading is central to all learning. We seek to foster in our children a genuine love of literature and a desire to read for pleasure, educating them to be inquisitive and thoughtful readers. We believe that reading is the one thing that will ensure our children make progress. As such, we have an ethos of promoting enjoyment for reading throughout the whole school. 

We aim to develop the whole child by considering their intellectual, moral, spiritual, social, emotional, creative and physical well-being. In order to do this we promote the core value of Kindness throughout our curriculum. This underpins the way our school organises itself, develops good relationships and promotes all positive human values as well as the British values of liberty, democracy, tolerance, respect and law. During whole school and class assemblies each term, the school explores a particular value and PSHE focus, linked to the ‘Dimensions’ scheme of work for PSHE. 

Kindness is our golden rule linking and underpinning our aims and aspirations for all pupils of Badby School. All pupils and staff make four promises to live by throughout their time at Badby School:

Work hard, be kind, seek adventure