Art, Design & Technology

Art education has been proven to have remarkable impacts on academic, social, and emotional outcomes, helping us develop empathy as we learn more about societies, cultures and history. 


Engagement with art helps us stretch our minds beyond the boundaries of the printed text or the rules of what is provable to encompass visual-spatial learning and develop motor skills. 


Through art, we learn to express ourselves confidently and creatively. This is something we are extremely passionate about at Badby. 

In art, we learn about the mediums of collage, textiles, photography, drawing, painting, 3D form and sculpture, as well as mixed media.


To create a varied, engaging and exciting learning experience for Art and Design. To allow the children the opportunity to access and learn about different areas of art, artists, designers and materials/mediums. Art allows children to express their feelings and ideas, both as a means of self-expression and to communicate to others. Through their teaching and learning at Badby school children should be inspired to experiment with their own artwork, to invent and to create. Art allows pupils to connect with their own culture, as well as with the wider world, through art. 

Design and Technology allows individuals to use their practical and critical skills, to be entrepreneurs and find solutions to real world problems, whilst evaluating existing designers and products. Through design technology, pupils develop creative vision, technical vocabulary and practical skills. Design Technology helps children to problem-solve, making on-going changes and improvements during the design and make process. 


Art and Design Technology will be woven through our termly topics, as well as stand alone whole school Art or Design & Technology days. 

Teachers will plan art lessons in order to ensure that children have covered all areas of the Art and Design and Technology National Curriculum. 

Considerations and planning should be in place to effectively differentiate for all children (inclusive of SEN) in each class, to ensure safety and engagement. 

Art lessons provide an opportunity for pupils to engage in making their own personal art and at the same time reinforcing the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs in an exciting and visual way. Individual liberty is a key theme that runs throughout all lessons as children are able to channel their own interests and taste through their creations. Through evaluation children are taught mutual respect through their polite consideration of their own and others work.  Design and Technology enables children to show their understanding of following the rule of law by showing safety with new tools. 

Knowledge Builders are accessible below to demonstrate how this is built throughout their time at Badby. 


The children will be taught explicit art and design skills, that will be assessed by both staff and children throughout lessons to further their skills and knowledge. Progression will be shown through their sketchbooks and children will have time to evaluate and reflect on their work. 

Staff will be able to assess children against school progression ladders, building upon previous learning as they move through the school and the dimensions curriculum. 

Children will gain a depth and breadth of knowledge about the world through their studies of art and design technology. They will have gained confidence to express themselves with a range of materials.