Reception Slideshow

Badby school are very excited to welcome the new reception class. 

Our PE day is Thursday, the children will be following the Real PE scheme. We ask that PE kit is brought into school on a Monday and the children will bring it home on a Friday. 

Every morning the children will be completing a lap or two of the playground in our version of The Daily Mile, as well as Cosmic Kids at the end of every day. 

We hold daily phonics lessons. The children will learn a new sound Monday - Thursday, with a recap on Friday. To support and extend learning into the home environment, the children will bring a book containing the work we have been learning home. 

What are we looking at this term......

Our terms starts with our Dimension focus on What on Earth, moving on to explore If You Go Down to the Woods in the later part of the term, more information can be found below. 

In the first part of this term in our White Rose Maths scheme the children will be completing Growing 6,7 and 8. This adventure will look at compositions of numbers 5-10, combining amounts as well as time and length. Then the children move to Build 9 and 10, looking at bonds to 10, 3D shapes and patterns. A link to the home learning page of White Rose can be found here.

In our Little Wandle sessions we are continuing to look at phase graphemes (in blue on the information below) and cementing our tricky words. We will also be continuing our fantastic start in our reading group sessions, these reading session books are available online through the Collins platform, as well as being brought home on a Friday in the reading folders. In the last week of term we will build on our descriptive writing through a Jane Considine unit based on the book Going on a Bear Hunt. 

Reading folders will be sent home with children on Friday with an outline of the amazing work we have completed this week. The children will also be bringing home a reading book to explore that they have chosen, these will be changed every week.

Fine Motor Parental Involvent- These two sessions will run from 9am-9:15am on Tuesday 21st and 28th February. More information can be found on ClassDojo,. 

Little Wandle Phonics

We will start with the Phase 2 sounds, shown on the right. Children will then be moving on to Phase 3. 

There are some free phonics games on the website below. These can be used to reinforce previous learning at home. 


We have recently begun teaching Little Wandle - Revised Letters and Sounds in the Reception Classroom (as of January 2022) 

All of the children will bring a reading folder home on Friday, with an overview of our learning and suggestions to support with home learning. In addition, the books that the children have been exploring in our guided reading sessions are available online, log in details can be found in each child's home learning book. 

More information can be found on the Phonics tab of our website.

Parental Involvement

Parents are invited in to see a Little Wandle lesson in action on Tuesday 17th and 24th January. Sessions run from 9-9:20am and there will be time after to ask any questions to support home learning. 


What on Earth?! 

Our next Dimension adventure sees us investigate what we may find in a wood. 

In our exploration of the woods, the children will look at the animals that we may find there, what wood can be used to make and how it can be made into objects from lollipop sticks to houses. 

A slideshow of our fantastic adventures can be found at the top of the page, as we link in maths, literacy, music and computing lessons to scaffold our learning further.

Jane Considine- Penguin Fact File

As we completed our topic on Animal Crackers, the children set about creating a fact file on penguins. The children all worked hard to develop their descriptive  language and with the help of Grandma Fantastic and David Attenborough, every child used their newly found knowledge to complete the task! 

Real PE!

Our aspect of Real PE looks at personal skills.   The children are working hard to get themselves changed for PE, with lots of fun being had in our two PE sessions each week, both on a Thursday. 

Below are some images of what we have been up to so far! 

Active Maths

Active Maths aims to be incorperated in our Reception learning at least three times a week.  In these sessions the children are encouraged to get active, having fun with maths and building their number skills in a fun and active way!