Reception Slideshow

Badby school are very excited to welcome the new reception class. 

Our PE day is Monday, the children will be following the Real PE scheme. We ask that PE kit is brought into school on a Monday and the children will bring it home on a Monday, or when we have completed our PE sessions. 

Every morning the children will be completing a lap or two of the playground in our version of The Daily Mile, as well as Cosmic Kids at the end of every day. 

We hold daily phonics lessons. The children will learn a new sound Monday - Thursday, with a recap on Friday. To support and extend learning into the home environment, the children will bring a book containing the work we have been learning home. 

What are we looking at for our first term......

We begin our term by getting to know the children, in our first few weeks there will be lots of play and discovering the children's interests as we begin to explore our first Dimension Topic called Help is at Hand. This topic is explained more below with an overview of what we will be looking at each week. Please share any home learning linked to our Dimension topic as we can add it to our photo frames of home learning!

In our first maths sessions we will be looking at matching, sorting and comparing before moving on to look at two colour patterns and numbers 1,2 and 3. 

Little Wandle phonics will begin by introducing s a t p i n. An overview of our learning each week will be sent home in book bags along with a choosing book that the children have picked to bring home. 

Little Wandle Phonics

We will start with the Phase 2 sounds, shown on the right. Children will then be moving on to Phase 3. 

There are some free phonics games on the website below. These can be used to reinforce previous learning at home. 


We have recently begun teaching Little Wandle - Revised Letters and Sounds in the Reception Classroom (as of January 2022) 

All of the children will bring a reading folder home on Friday, with an overview of our learning and suggestions to support with home learning. In addition, the books that the children have been exploring in our guided reading sessions are available online, log in details can be found in each child's home learning book. 

More information can be found on the Phonics tab of our website.


Humpty and Friends!

Our second Dimension adventure sees us investigate the exciting world of Nursery Rhymes!  

In our first week we will be exploring how Humpty Dumpty could be put back together again, and how (with a little help) we could even make him bounce! 

Our second week looks at mice and sheep. This week we will look at the habitats that different nursery rhyme characters need and where could our missing sheep be?

Finally we will explore why Incy hated water so much and how different types of spiders live in a variety of places around the world. 

A slideshow of our fantastic adventures can be found at the top of the page, as we link in maths, literacy, music and computing lessons to scaffold our learning further.

Jane Considine

As the children continue to gain confidence in their writing and descriptive language, we will venture into the world of Jane Considine. This will be around Christmas, starting with exploring how we can create instructions as we create a Chocolate Mug Cake. The children will look at what amount of each ingredient we may need before creating their own mug cake to try! 

Real PE!

Within our PE lessons the children will follow the Real PE scheme. Starting with the first unit looking at Personal Skills in which the children will look at how they can follow instructions to complete a range of simple tasks with a focus on building core muscles through a range of balances. As soon as we have completed our first few PE lessons, images will appear below. 

Active Maths

The children will regularly take part in active PE sessions, making learning active as the children complete their daily maths challenges with the children having lots of fun at the same time!