Bluebells preschool is a small and friendly setting for children from age 3 years. Our happy and stimulating preschool provides an excellent start to children's educational journey.

Established by the governors of Badby School in 2011, the setting shares the site with Badby School. Our preschool is very much part of the school community, joining in assemblies and taking part in key school events. Being part of a school setting enables children to settle more quickly in their Reception Year and supports transition between the two.

Our Preschool Team:

Laura Fleuty - Preschool Leader

Claire Wall - Preschool assistant

Alison Allee- Preschool assistant

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Term Four

Did Dinosaurs rule the world?

The fourth underlying theme of our year is all about dinosaurs. The term begins by looking at where dinosaurs live, and what they ate before progressing to look at the shape of their eggs and how many we could fit into a bucket. To complete our term we will be encouraging the children to make their very own junk modelling dinosaur.

To support the children's own personal hygiene we will be looking at how dinosaurs could brush their teeth, looking at this in more detail in our Jigsaw topic of Healthy Me.

Planning for each week will be placed upon ClassDojo if needed in the event of a class closure or a case of isolation.

Important dates this term

Back at school - February 22nd 2022

School Closes - March 31st 2022

Teacher Training Day - April 1st 2022

Above is our termly overview that outlines the outcomes we will be looking at this term, it is also available on ClassDojo

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are vital to support writing skills as the children reach Reception. To support this, staff plan for fine motor tasks daily to encourage the children to have fun whilst they build up the muscle support in their hands and wrists.

Can you help Jack?

In a revised version of Jack and Jill, the children worked to make a new hat for Jack who had broken his while falling down the hill. We used cotton buds to create patterns and images on the crowns.

National Story Telling Week

On February 2nd the children all dressed up in clothes that made them happy. During the day we explored lots of stories, talking about what was happening in the images.

Music time

Supporting our theme of nursery rhymes, the chidlren have spent lots of time looking at how instruments can make sounds, and how these sounds can be changed. We have also supported the children in singing their favourite songs at circle time.