Staff List

Teaching Staff

Mr B Edge - Head of School

Mrs Z Goodger - SENCO

Miss L Colbourne - Reception (YCR)

Mrs K Devine / Miss Smith - Year 1 (Y1EC) (2 days)

Mrs Z Goodger - Year 2 (Y2G)

Mrs L Starmer / Mr Edge - Year 3 (YSE)

Miss H Ryan - Year 4 (Y4R)

Miss S Deane - Year 5 (Y5D)

Mrs J Moss- Year 6 (Y6M)

Mrs L Evans - Director of Education (iMAT)

Mr E Newton - Director of Education (iMAT)

Office Staff

Mrs S Edwards - School Business Manager

Mrs S Broadhead - Office Manager

Mrs D Dale - Receptionist/Admin Assistant

Family Support Worker

Miss Z Massingham

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Nicholson - Reception (YRC)

Mrs C Muelle - Reception

Mrs L Haynes - Year 1

Mrs S Lovesey - Year 2

Mrs T Turner- Year 3

Miss C Reid - Year 3

Mrs E Alexander - Year 3

Mrs R Lacey - Year 4

Mrs K Reed- Year 5

Miss S Carroll - Year 5

Miss P Lenton - Year 6

Miss S Walton - (Sports Coach)


Mrs Fleuty

Miss C Wall

Mrs Allee

Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Mrs R Lacey

Miss C Reid

Mrs L Wheeler (ABM - hot meals providers)

Premises Staff

Mr A Beech (Site Supervisor)

Miss T Bull

Before School Care

Mrs L Haynes

Mrs L Nicholson

Mrs S Lovesey

After School Care

Miss H Ryan

Miss S Carroll