Badby School's Principles and Vision for Science

Badby School Our Visions and Principles for Science


At Badby School, we want to lead pupils on a journey of discovery within our science teaching. We aim to help our children to link isolated facts to form a coherent narrative about the natural world. We want to help our children to develop the skills to think critically, solve problems and make decisions through their science learning. We want science to motivate our pupils to explore the world around them and to change it for the better. Through practical experiments and investigations, our pupils are shown the importance of accuracy and problem solving. We guide children to understand the importance of historical contributions  as well as learning about contemporary science issues.

Why is Science important? 

Science is an important and valued subject because it is highly relevant; an integral part of daily life, from cooking and checking the weather, to recycling and nature walks. 

Through science, our lives are changed for the better. We believe all pupils should be taught about the role that science plays in positive advancements, as well as scientific knowledge, methods and processes. 

Advances in science are continuing to transform our world at lightning speed and we need to do our best to prepare our pupils for a future we can only imagine. 

When is Science taught?

Science is taught through thematic units. The Satellite View maps out which thematic units feature this subject and clearly shows the objectives taught. 

How is Science taught? 

Science is taught through working scientifically (involving practical investigation, observation and application skills, enquiry and research) alongside specific taught subject knowledge. Learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. 

What do we learn about in Science? 

'Learning Means The World' Curriculum 

We learn about: 


Animals, including humans


Seasonal Changes 

Living things and their habitats 

Light and heat 

Forces and magnets 



Earth and space 

Evolution and inheritance 


Useful Documents 

Satellite view. Progression documents for knowledge and skills.