Our Learning

"Pupils have the chance to take part in a whole raft of sporting events. They are rightly proud of their achievements." Ofsted 2017

We want all of our children to enjoy a rich and challenging primary curriculum during their time at our school. To support this we encourage involvement in many extra-curricular activities and enrichment days and events. Children's  progress in all aspects of learning is the key focus at Badby School, however to support their understanding of the world around them and make sense of what they learn, we feel it is essential to immerse them in a variety of real life experiences.  


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Badby School follows the "Little Wandle" programme for phonics in EYFS and KS1. More information can be found here.

EYFS and KS1 use the Little Wandle Reading Scheme and are issued with a reading book that matches their reading level and phonics learning in class. In addition, all children are also encouraged to develop their love of reading by choosing age appropriate books to share at home. This continues into KS2 as necessary. 


We  recognise that good communication between home and school is essential to ensure the best outcomes for children. In order to support this, we offer a variety of communication methods for parents, carers and teaching staff. Classdojo keeps parents informed of what is happening in school through photographs and messages at a whole school, class or individual level. Parent consultation meetings are held twice annually to share your child's progress in school. Teaching staff are also available for short meetings at the end of the school day or, for longer meetings, through an arranged appointment time.

Extra-curricular Activities

These vary from year to year. We provide a very wide range of lunchtime and after school activities, run by school staff and external providers. These include Netball, Football, Tag Rugby, Basketball, Golf, Art and Craft, Gardening, Strictly Dancing, Handbells and Chess. Children also have the opportunity to opt in for a place in our peripatetic violin groups for a small fee.

Community Involvement 

Members of the local community are involved in a variety of ways: