Badby school are very excited to welcome the new reception class.

PE is on a Wednesday, therefore the children will be coming into school in their PE kit on a Wednesday from October onwards.

Daily phonics lessons will begin from 21st September. The children will learn a new sound Monday - Thursday, with a recap on Friday.


We will start with the Phase 2 sounds, shown on the right.

There are some free phonics games on the website below. We use these games in class so the children are familiar with them.


Phase 2 Sound Mat.pdf

Home Learning - Weekly Objectives (wb 16.11.20)

We will be recovering the whole of Phase 2 this week to embed it. We are moving on to Phase 3 next week.


Home Learning Weekly Objectives - WB 23.11.20


Learning Phase 3 sounds - w, x and y.

Topic: Celebrations

This week we begin to look at Christmas in relation to ourselves. How do we celebrate?

We also write a letter to Santa Claus.