Welcome to Y4D

Our science theme this term is Sound (Mondays) and Materials and Properties (Friday)

On Mondays, we are learning about how sound travels through the air as vibrations.

On Fridays, we are looking at the difference between solids and liquids and how to write definitions using scientific language.

Coordinates and Translation in maths.

We have been plotting points using coordinates and joining them to create 2D shapes.

We are now learning to translate shapes to different positions and explain how other shapes have been translated.

Earlier this term we were using bar models to find missing numbers in a number sentence and use inverse operations.

General Information

Tuesday - PE, spelling test. Homework due in.

Wednesday - rapid recall and times tables.

Friday - PE and homework is set.

Topic - Vikings

This term we are learning about Vikings. We have found out where they are from and why they are known as 'Raiders'.

We have created some Viking art and have learned songs about their Gods - Loki, Thor and Odin.