Timetable - 13.7.20

WB 13.7.20 - weekly plan

Monday 13th July

Monday - Capacity.pdf

Tuesday 14th

Tuesday .pdf

Wednesday 15th

WEDNESDAY - t-c-2549258-i-am-an-amazing-person-activity-sheet-english_ver_3.pdf
Wednesday - T-T-17836-Potted-Flower-Paper-Model.pdf
Wednesday - t2-inc-4-i-am-an-amazing-person-activity-sheet_ver_1.pdf
Wednesday T-HE-024-Your-Machine-Invention-Planning-Sheet.pdf
Weds and Thurs - T-N-2545150-LKS2-The-Mystery-of-the-Melting-Ice-Creams-Maths-Game-English_ver_5.pdf

Maths Answers


Extra (if required)

EXTRA Comprehension-Edmund-Hillary-Tricky.pdf
EXTRA Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-4-HW-EXT-Add-and-Subtract-Mass.pdf
Year 3 Summer English Activity Booklet.pdf
EXTRA Year-3-Summer-Block-4-Step-1-DP-Measure-Mass-1.pdf


Summer 2 - Who Was George Stephenson and How Did His Invention Change Our World?

Autumn 1 & 2: Stone Age - Who first lived in Britain?

Using a template to create our skeleton.

Creating Stone Age structures.

Recreating an animal skeleton.

Hyenas in England!

Spring 1: Natural Disasters - Why is the Earth so Angry?

Creating sculptures inspired by our topic

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

Making volcanoes

Spring 2 & Summer 1 - Why Do So Many People Choose To Holiday In The Mediterranean? Rather Than The UK?


We researched the food of the Mediterranean.

We have completed lots of home learning to find out more about the Mediterranean.


We recreated Gaudi's architecture and portraits in the style of Mediterranean artist Picasso.