Bluebells preschool is a small and friendly setting for children from age 3 years. Our happy and stimulating preschool provides an excellent start to children's educational journey.

Established by the governors of Badby School in 2011, the setting shares the site with Badby School. Our preschool is very much part of the school community, joining in assemblies and taking part in key school events. Being part of a school setting enables children to settle more quickly in their Reception Year and supports transition between the two.

Our Preschool Team:

Heather Ryan - Preschool Leader

Claire Wall - Preschool assistant

Term Four

Who lives at my house?

The fourth term encourages the children to talk about their families, whilst also acknowledging that not every household is the same. The Three Little Pigs will be read and discussed in circle time activities in which the children will explore what materials are best for building houses.

Stimulating mark making activities will support the children to create images of both their families and the houses in which they live. The children will work to answering the question of how they get to Bluebells, as well as looking at what numbers they can see on the street in which they live.

Important dates this term

Back at school- February 24th 2020

School Closes- April 3rd 2020

Teacher Training Day- Monday 20th April 2020

Does your house have a number?

In the first part of this term the children will be encouraged to use technology at home to capture an image of the number or name of their house, also looking at the other numbers that may be visible in their environment .

World Book Day

World Book Day is on 5th March. Updates will be delivered via Class Dojo or the Bulletin to inform parents of the way in which school will be celebrating.

What did the Three Little Pigs build a house with?

Through planned science activities and messy play, Bluebells will be encouraged to explore how a house can be built and what materials they may need to achieve this aim.


Taking part in small group games the children have been listening to a range of animal sounds before covering them with dominoes. I was really impressed with how the children followed the verbal instructions, shouting "BINGO" when they had completed their boards!