Bluebells preschool is a small and friendly setting for children from age 3 years. Our happy and stimulating preschool provides an excellent start to children's educational journey.

Established by the governors of Badby School in 2011, the setting shares the site with Badby School. Our preschool is very much part of the school community, sharing an outdoor area with the Reception and Year One classes, joining in assemblies and taking part in key school events. Being part of a school setting enables children to settle more quickly in their Reception Year and supports transition between the two.

Parents are welcome to join preschool on Parental Involvement Afternoons making crafts, playing games and joining in with play.

Our Preschool Team:

Heather Ryan - Preschool Leader

Claire Wall - Preschool assistant

Term Three

How many nursery rhymes do I know?

This term the children will build on their knowledge of nursery rhymes. Looking at why Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall,why the little dog laughed as well as where Jack and Jill where going. This term also celebrates National Storytelling week, in which the children will explore a range of stories read by a variety of visitors.

Important dates this term

Back at school- January 7th 2019

School Closes- February 15th 2019

Why did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall?

The children have been finding out what happened to Humpty Dumpty, using the sand to build a wall and watch how the egg wobbled, before falling off!

Why did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall?

Using the construction resources several children worked to create a castle, placing Humpty Dumpty on the top, before sending in all the king's horses and all the king's men to the rescue!

National Storytelling week

The children have been exploring stories in a variety of ways this week. Through books at circle time, audio books, books through the CBeebies app and using finger puppets to further scaffold their story telling experience.

Chinese New Year

For snack the children were give the opportunity to try rice noodles with sweet and sour sauce.

In circle time we spoke about how Chinese New Year is celebrated, before creating lucky fish with tissue paper.

Term Four

What would I find on the farm?

As the focus turns to life on a farm the children will explore what foods in a supermarket are from a farm, how a woolly jumper is made, why tractors are useful and what happens to eggs?

Important dates this term

Back at school- February 25th 2019

School Closes- April 5th 2019