Bluebells preschool is a small and friendly setting for children from age 3 years. Our happy and stimulating preschool provides an excellent start to children's educational journey.

Established by the governors of Badby School in 2011, the setting shares the site with Badby School. Our preschool is very much part of the school community, joining in assemblies and taking part in key school events. Being part of a school setting enables children to settle more quickly in their Reception Year and supports transition between the two.

Our Preschool Team:

Heather Ryan - Preschool Leader

Claire Wall - Preschool assistant

Term One

What colours make us feel happy or sad?

The very first term of the new school year looks at colours. As we settle in the underlying theme will explore what happens when we mix colours through a wide range of stimulating activities. Building upon this we will explore what colours we like the most and what colours we can see in the world around us.

To support the children we will be looking at our emotions through the books Colour Monster and In My Heart, books that use colours to support identification of feelings in children. More information will be placed on ClassDojo to support parents if they wish to also use these books at home.

Important dates this term

Back at school- September 3rd 2020

School Closes- October 23rd 2020

Teacher Training Day- November 30th 2020

Our room is ready!

Over the summer holidays we have painted our room and it's now bright, fresh and ready for September. We still have spaces available so please contact the school office for more information!


What colours can you see on Elmer?

For one of our activities we will be playing hide and seek with lots of hidden images of Elmer in the outside space, a brilliant idea if you're off to the woods!

How can I get involved?

This year we will continue to use ClassDojo and for the first time we will be using Tapestry ,an online tracking tool, that parents can access at home. Information will be sent home by the end of September.


We will be starting phonics through a range of stories and adult supported tasks that look at animal sounds as well as sounds that we may hear in the world around us.

A home learning challenge will also be sent home for parents who would like to support this learning at home.