Bluebells preschool is a small and friendly setting for children from age 3 years. Our happy and stimulating preschool provides an excellent start to children's educational journey.

Established by the governors of Badby School in 2011, the setting shares the site with Badby School. Our preschool is very much part of the school community, joining in assemblies and taking part in key school events. Being part of a school setting enables children to settle more quickly in their Reception Year and supports transition between the two.

Our Preschool Team:

Heather Ryan - Preschool Leader

Claire Wall - Preschool assistant

Term Five

Who goes to the ugly bug ball?

This term the children will build on their knowledge of the minibeasts in the world around them. The children will be looking after 5 caterpillars that we will care for until they become butterflies. In addition the children will explore the different habitats of different minibeasts and what they need to survive, finishing off the term with our very own bug ball!

Important dates this term

Back at school- April 23rd 2019

School Closes- May 24th 2019

Bug Ball- May 24th (Children are invited to dress up as a minibeast for a party day)

Meet Marshall, Pikachu, George, Percy and Cat-Boy

We have received our baby caterpillars to look after over this term. The children have decided to name them after characters in their favourite TV shows.

What does the snail need to survive?

The children have had a visit from an albino giant African snail. The children have been talking about what the snail may eat and how we can look after it!

The Hungry Caterpillar

The children have been exploring minibeast stories in a variety of ways this week. Through books at circle time, audio books, books through the CBeebies app and using finger puppets to further scaffold their story telling experience.

Fine motor control skills

The children have been on an important mission to capture the pom poms back from the jaws of the whisks, using tweezers to develop their co-ordination skills as they do so!

Our new room

Over the Easter holidays, our mobile was demolished and we are now settling into our new room! The children have been very busy helping us to place all of the toys in place and have been amazing as they settle into the new surroundings.