Badby school are very excited to welcome the new reception class.

PE is on a Tuesday, therefore the children will be coming into school in their PE kit on a Tuesday.

We hold daily phonics lessons. The children will learn a new sound Monday - Thursday, with a recap on Friday.


We will start with the Phase 2 sounds, shown on the right. Children will then be moving on to Phase 3.

There are some free phonics games on the website below. These can be used to reinforce previous learning at home.


We have recently begun teaching Little Wandle - Revised Letters and Sounds in the Reception Classroom (as of January 2022)


All About Me

Our first topic in Reception is 'All About Me'

The knowledge web demonstrates how the children will cover each area of Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.

All About Me - Term 1

People Who Help Us

People Who Help Us - Term 2

Our Term 2 topic in Reception is 'People Who Help Us'. This topic allows the class, and school, to build connections within our community.

Once Upon A Time

Our Term 3 topic in Reception is 'Once Upon A Time'. We will be diving into many beloved traditional tales and using these to enhance our classroom.

Once Upon A Time - Term 3

When Dinosaurs Ruled The World

Dinosaurs - Term 4

We are incredibly excited to be exploring our topic of Dinosaurs in Term 4.

The knowledge web, opposite, demonstrates how we will be exploring the different areas of the EYFS framework.

What on Earth?

In Term 5, after Easter, we will be exploring our new dimensions curriculum. Our first topic from this will be 'What on Earth?' which focuses on how we show respect for our planet.


Let's Play!


In our last term of the year we look at Toys. This is part of our dimensions curriculum. Each week we look at a different aspect of toys.
This topic ties in with our school thread of 'Conflict'.