Welcome to Y5D

Our topic this term is Culture - Come Fly With Me - America.  Come and see all the exciting things we get up to in lessons. 😊

This week we are learning:

To add and subtract fractions

To write a biography

Please see Google Classroom and Class Dojo for our weekly timetable and online work set. 

Useful information

PE - Monday and Tuesday 

Spelling and times tables checks- Wednesday

Homework - Wednesday ( Edshed spelling and Maths shed timestables) Additional pieces will be set using Google Classroom.

Spring 1

Knowledge Organiser - Come Fly With Me - America 

“Come Fly With Me! America’” is a thematic unit, based on North and Central America, with a key focus on geography and history. It begins with the location of countries and states, before we move on to learning about the discovery of America and the Native American people. We will also study weather and climate, as well as human and physical features.

Knowledge Building - Geography

Knowledge Building - History

Knowledge Building - Science

Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn 2

Knowledge Organiser - History British Bulldog

British Bulldog is a competency-based thematic unit with a history focus, telling the fascinating story of Winston Churchill. He is Britain’s most well-known Prime Minister, famous for leading Britain to victory during World War II and delivering inspiring speeches to encourage those fighting overseas and those at home. We will learn, through his life story, all about his achievements and ongoing legacy.

Knowledge Building

Autumn 2

Knowledge Organiser - Been Around the World

“Been Around the World” is a thematic unit based around the UK and Hong Kong, with a key focus on geography. We will explore the links between the UK and Hong Kong as well as the location and key features of Hong Kong. In addition to looking at the physical features of Hong Kong, and their impact on the people who live there, we will also investigate different approaches to animal conservation in the two countries.

Working on communication in PE

Researching imports and exports to and from the UK

Non-Chronological Reports - Emperor Penguins

Active Maths

Autumn 1

Knowledge Organiser - Mission Control

Parent Curriculum Overview - Mission Control

“Mission Control” is a thematic unit based around the subject of Earth and beyond, with a key focus on science and history. Pupils learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon and their relationship to each other, before finding out more about space exploration and communication.


Active Maths

Multi step Problems

Active Maths


REAL PE Jumpball

Music Cyclic Patterns

Timeline of Space History