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Important Information

PE is on a Tuesday.

Spelling and time tables tests are on a Friday. New spellings are given to the children on Friday through Literacy Shed.

Homework will be set via Google Classroom. This will be looking at spellings, times tables and additional work that further supports the topic.

A reminder that the multiplication tables check is fast approaching and to reflect this work has been set on MathShed to support the children. We have also been completing tasks in lessons to learn in a fun way!

Summer Two:

Three Giant Steps is our second Dimensions topic that is based around three contrasting locations, with a key focus on geography. We will continue to develop our sense of place in the world by studying three focus places:- Dover, France and Canada (The French Connection!). We will identify the position of all three places in the world, along with climate, capital city, time zone, population and area. We will also learn about the human and physical geography of each place.



This second summer term we begin by exploring a poem based on a river by Valerie Bloom as we explore a Jane Considine unit plan.

Over the weeks the children will explore the layout of a poem and after a vsisit to a nearby river to inspire our writing we will create our own poem!

This topic feeds into our other curriculum areas as we explore our surroundings, understanding key geographical vocabulary also.

Summer One:

Under the Canopy is our Dimensions topic that we will be exploring through the first term. This thematic unit is based on the rainforest and has a key focus on geography and history. The children are commissioned to work for a fictitious organisation called 'Roots' in helping two adopted children find out about their heritage.

Attached below are the newsletter and knowledge organiser linked to the topic.


Under the Canopy

Over the course of the term the children have been on lots of brilliant adventures looking at how the Mayans lived, how they did maths and created our own artwork based on the Rainforest!

The children have all demonstrated a passion for supporting the rainforest, and have been on the hunt for products that support the Rainforest Alliance and have even written letters to the governors to encourage the purchasing of Rainforest Alliance coffee in the staff room!

Under the Canopy- Dimensions April and May 2022

Once Upon a Raindrop

Our English lessons have explored the creation of a non-fiction, factual tour. The children have explored what it would be like to be a water droplet completing the water cycle, as well as the different types of precipitation that water could fall as.

To develop their learning further the children then visited our amazing Badby Woods to create their own tour of the woods!

Woods trip May 22

Active Maths

Supporting the children in their learning we have taken the oppurtunity to get outside and be active in our learning as often as possible. In the first summer term the children explored fractions and a snapshot of the tasks are shown opposite.

Spring 1:

The Ancient Egyptians.

We will be looking at The Ancient Egyptians this term. Below is a knowledge organiser with key facts and keywords the children should try to learn.

Autumn Term 1:

The Ancient Romans

We will be looking at The Ancient Romans this term. Below is a knowledge organiser with key facts and keywords the children should try to learn.

Enjoying toasted marshmallows and pancakes around the fire :)

Roman Knowledge Web