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  • Topic - Picture Our Planet

  • Maths - Fractions

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  • RE - Sikhism

Jubilee Celebrations - 25/05/2022

Summer Term

Topic: Picture Our Planet

“Picture Our Planet” is a thematic unit, with a key focus on geography. Learning is centred around three contrasting localities:- Brazil, Scotland and Fiji, and includes key facts, physical and human features, traditions and customs and an insight into how each country is tackling particular conservation issues.

Please find the knowledge organiser and curriculum newsletter for Picture Our Planet:



As part of our work on instructions, Year 3 have been looking at different techniques to help promote a growth mindset. Last week, the children followed a set if instructions to create a paper boat and then used their creations to take part in a relaxation breathing exercise. The children are currently writing their own set of instructions to promote mental strength, based on the book 'Strong Mind' by Niels Van Hove.

Spring Term


We have been learning about pentatonic scales in music and will be creating our own pentatonic scales to celebrate Chinese New Year in future lessons. We have been using the glockenspiels and boom whackers to practise a given pentatonic melody and will now work on composing our own.

Theme - Extreme Earth

This term, Year 3 will be investigating Extreme Earth and looking at the destructive powers of nature from tsunamis to tornadoes, to earthquakes and volcanoes. We will be learning about how these natural phenomena occur and how they affect people and the environment.

Knowledge Organisers - Extreme Earth - Spring Term
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An earthquake hits Year 3!

When the class came back from breaktime, they were shocked at the scene that awaited them. After much discussion, they decided that the only possible explanation for this was an earthquake. This led to a discussion of how people may feel if they had to deal with the devastating effects of an earthquake. The class are now looking forward to investigating how earthquakes occur.

Look at the shocked faces we had when the children entered the classroom!

Layers of the Earth Pizzas

Year 3 created their own pizzas and designed them to depict the four layers of the Earth. We are very proud of what we have produced. We also practised cutting and grating as well as being aware of how to ensure our food was safely prepared. The pictures below gove you a taste of what we created. Can you spot the crust, the mantle, the inner core and the outer core?



Our finished products!