Welcome to Year 3!

Useful Information

  • PE - Wednesday and Friday

Our Learning

  • Topic - ' Come Fly With Me!'

  • Maths - Multiplication and Division

  • English - Holiday Brochure

Spring 1

Topic - Come Fly With Me!

To find out some more information about our new topic this term, please read our curriculum newsletter and WHISK sheets below:


Come Fly With Me!

WHISK sheet.


Come Fly With Me!

Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn 2 - The Lindow Man

As part of our work on ' The Lindow Man', the children used collage to create their own version of what they believed he looked like. The children also had some great fun creating their very own Stonehenge out of biscuits. In the last week of term, we were also were very lucky to have a special visitor join us too!

Autumn 1

Topic - 'That's All Folks'

To find out a bit more about our topic this term, please read our curriculum newsletter.


Decorating the church

Year 3 took a short work to the local church to decorate it in preparation for the Badby Scarecrow Festival. We took decorations created by Years 1, 2 and 5. The decorations represented what children at Badby School would miss if they were to become extinct. Year 3 enjoyed exploring the church and had lots of questions about different features of the building.

Active Maths

Autumn Poetry

Year 3 have started to create their Autumn inspired poems and we took a trip to the woods to help us to get started. We collected lots of vocabulary from our trip linked to our senses. What a wonderful way to kick off our poetry unit!

Online Safety

As part of our learning, we have been discussing in class about what to do if we see something online that upsets us. We had a thoughtful discussion around this and listened carefully to everyone's answers carefully. To support our learning, we use the BBC Own It website. This site is designed to help to explain to children about how to stay safe online. Please feel free to explore this website with your children at home to help to consolidate the learning in the classroom.