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Home Learning

If your child is self-isolating due to Covid-19 then please access the home learning tasks for the appropriate day on our google classroom page. This is new page for this Year's class so please check their school email for an invite.

Our PE day is Thursday and the children need to come to school in their full PE Kit.



27.06.22 - Please see curriculum newsletter above for our new topic - Land Ahoy

The knowledge organiser for this topic can be found below (what the children will be learning)


New Topic 21/03/22 - 13/05/22

Our topic this term is called 'Going Wild'. Please see the curriculum letter above that gives an overview of what we will be doing.

In English we are writing a story based on myths and legends. We are basing this on the story 'a crow's tale' by - naomi howarth.

in maths we will be finishing the topic of shape and moving on to fractions and then measure.


Please see above for our knowledge organiser which shows the knowledge that the children will be learning over the course of the topic.

TOPIC 21/02/22 - 18/03/22

Our topic this term is called 'Jurassic Hunter'. The topic has a history focus, telling the inspirational story of Mary Anning.

She is famous for being the greatest fossil finder of her era, powerfully influencing the new science of palaeontology. She overcame a lack of formal education to emerge as one of the leading authorities on fossils.

Whilst the topic covers predominantly history, there are also key geography, science and art skills embedded throughout.

The document below shows you what we will be learning in this unit:


In English this term we are learning about instruction writing. We will be writing about how to make bird feeders, which we will then create and hang around the school to encourage our local bird wildlife. Throughout our literacy unit we will be focusing on being consistent with known punctuation, and on learning new punctuation - such as the use of brackets. and bullet points. We will be exploring the use of imperative verbs, alliteration, adjectives and superlatives. We will also be thinking about handwriting and the correct formation of our letters.

As part of this topic, we hope to visit Badby Woods to study the bird population and within school we will research what birds like to eat so that we can include this in our bird feeders!

In Mathematics this term we will continue our unit on multiplication and division. This covers a basic understanding of 'grouping' and 'sharing' and the multiplication facts within the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will then move on to look at statistics, including how to tally and interpret data from a bar chart, and then we will spend two weeks learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.

Other areas of learning:

  • Computing - Word processing including adding images to a text document

  • PSHE - Healthy me!

  • RE - The creation story (Christian faith)

  • PE - Balancing skills and ball skills

  • Spelling - plurals, apostrophes for contractions, compound words and silent letters

  • Guided reading - we will continue to read levelled books and focus on the 'VIPERS' questioning (Vipers stands for - Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve and Sequence or Summarise).

Studying the local environment.

Careful observation of a fallen leaf.

A close appraisal of the leaf and it's structure.

Our computing day is on Monday and we like to make full use of the chrome books in our lessons. Here we are using them in maths to practise our money calculations.

Car racing day! (11.02.22)